How to Stay Top of Mind with Customers in the Age of Coronavirus

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How to Stay Top of Mind with Customers in the Age of Coronavirus from Alan Ram's Proactive Training Solutions

The Hunter vs. Farmer mentality is not new to the sales industry, however, now more than ever, it’s an important concept to embrace as we are in the midst of a global crisis where sales in many areas have come to a grinding halt. So, let’s take a minute to review the difference between a hunter and a farmer and why today your farmers are going to be more successful in the long game.

These two groups of hunters and farmers were traditionally seen to have different attributes and oftentimes thought of as two discrete roles in an organization. This is true in many industries where there are sales reps who bring in the business and are your hunters – they hone in and acquire their target and help you build revenue.  Once you have these customers they are passed over to the farmers, more often the account managers, who maintain, nurture and grow these relationships. However, in many dealerships your salespeople need to play the role of both hunter and farmer. Those that have both competencies are the most successful and now, more than ever, it’s time to put your farmer attributes to work.  

Let’s face it, America is hurting. We can venture to say the world is hurting. You have the opportunity to show up for your customers and really assist in the community.  Car dealerships are notorious for being involved in the community. From local food drives, to sponsoring little league teams, the dealerships have always played an important role in enriching the lives where they do business. During this COVID-19 crisis, this is no different. Even when their business has been threatened, dealerships across the country have stepped up to lend a helping hand. From leveraging their fleets to delivering supplies, making generous donations to help front line workers get PPE and providing loaner vehicles to essential workers, the car dealerships once again remind us of the kindness of humanity.

Your salespeople are the face of your dealership and need to tend to your clients and plant the seeds so that when things return to normal, they can harvest the crop. Their efforts should be focused around outbound proactive outreach to your clientele. This is an opportunity for them to check in, make sure people are ok and inform them of your dealership’s efforts in the community.  They can also let them know if you are open or closed and remind them to reach out if they need any assistance. This is not the time to aggressively sell. 

The steps you take today to adapt to the crisis and how you communicate with shoppers will pay dividends in the long run. Building these relationships now is the right thing to do and when they’re ready to buy a car, they’ll visit your dealership.

This is an unprecedented time in history and we will get through this.  Many people are hurting, including our friends in the car business. No matter what, you offer a product and service that is essential to the people of this country and by taking the right steps now, you will be better positioned to regain your footing in the marketplace.  

If you’d like help on what to say to clients during this time or effective outbound strategies, you can sign up for our free action plan for your dealership (a $500 value). We also released 3 new ready-to-use client-facing messages in our platform: COVID-19 Outbound Call Script, Dealership Main Phone Line Greeting, and Dealership Website Messaging. If you’re a client, log in to view these! If you’re not yet a client, schedule a free consultation now here.

Most importantly stay strong, stay safe and wash your hands! 

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