Alan Ram wins the debate vs. Jerry Thibeau on Auto Dealer Live

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Alan Ram, President & Founder of Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions wins the debate against Jerry Thibeau, CEO of Phone Ninjas on Auto Dealer Live. Jerry Thibeau wrote a response to Alan Ram’s CBT News interview on call monitoring which sparked the debate.  Alan Ram educates Jerry Thibeau on the goal of a sales call as well as why managers should monitor sales calls at your dealership.

Highlights for Alan Ram, President & Founder of Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions:

“Managers need to do their job!”

“If I am a manager at a dealership, and I came to work to sell cars today, what activity do I have that I can be engaged in that would be more productive than listening to people that just called my dealership today that want to buy cars, and quickly resolving opportunities to do business. I don’t need to see a score sheet or report card or any kind of grading 2, 3, 4 days later, I need to know now that we missed a car deal!”

“When I talk to these dealers…I asked, ‘how many sales calls do you get a day?’ and most of the time they get 6, 10, 15, some of the higher ones 15-25 and as far as having to listen to service and parts calls, that’s a call monitoring issue…so I’m not talking about having managers listening to their parts calls, I am talking about having them listen to their sales calls!”

“How is this a tedious task? That’s my job! I’m a sales manager!”


Highlights for Jerry Thibeau, CEO of Phone Ninjas:

“Managers are very busy individuals…these guys have a lot going on.  And to be able to sit there and listen to calls all day long is a tedious task that they shouldn’t have to be responsible for.”

“No manager has the bandwidth to sit at his desk all day long and be paying attention to that.”

“Here’s the other problem, Alan; there are a lot of sales managers out there that don’t even know how to take a sales call or how to properly handle a sales call, we know because we hear them on the phone as well.  So they might not be qualified to do that.”

“The phones are a huge process leak in our industry and sales managers aren’t the answer.”

Alan states, “You did just say Third World countries, I didn’t hear that wrong?”

Jerry states, “Yes, hey! if I can take someone who is in India and they speak fluent English, and they understand the parameters of a phone call and what’s going on, they summarize that call, they plug it into the software, and it alerts the dealership that ‘hey, you just had a botched opportunity’, and then somebody who is qualified can pick up the phone and call that person and it happens within 20 minutes of that original cal, that’s a win-win for the dealership”


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