7 Pro Tips For Nailing Your Automotive Sales Meetings

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How effective are your sales meetings? Let’s face it, no one loves having to attend them, however they’re critical in setting up your sales team for success. When done right, you can have a quick, impactful sales meeting that will inspire your team to sell more cars. This article will provide you with automotive sales meeting ideas on how to run the best automotive sales meetings for your team. We’ve even started a weekly series called Saturday Spark to give managers ideas on what to cover during their weekend sales meeting, check it out!

The Purpose Of The Car Sales Meeting

The main goal of your sales meetings is to make sure your sales teams are positioned to hit or exceed volume and revenue goals. To this end, sales meetings should be used to inform your teams of the latest promotions and incentives, review targets so they know how they’re tracking for the month and also provide them with hands-on training so they hit the ground running. You want to keep this high level, high energy and positive.

Oftentimes, sales meetings lack consistent training elements. However, when you incorporate training into your sales meetings, your teams are warmed up and know exactly what to say when the customer comes in and even more importantly in today’s market, how to bring more customers to the showroom. The alternative is that they hit the sales floor cold and practice on live customers. Five minutes every meeting everyday, will be the difference between making deals and losing deals.

Car Sales Meeting Tips & Tricks

Below are the automobile sales training tips from the pros to make your sales meetings most effective.

  1. Be consistent – Getting your sales team together before a shift needs to be a priority at the dealership and you need to make time for it – everyday. It doesn’t need to be long, but you need to let your team know that they have to attend – no excuses. Part of this includes starting on time and ending on time so that your staff knows they can’t be late.
  2. Come prepared – As a manager, you need to take the time to prepare for your sales meetings. The best way to do that is to create an agenda for each meeting. Your agenda would start off with the purpose of the meeting for the day and follow up with the specific points that you’ll cover in the meeting. Once you review the agenda with your team, make sure to ask them if they have any topics they’d like to discuss and add that to the agenda. Remember, the more that you get them involved, the more they’ll be committed to succeed.
  3. Mandate everyone’s attention -As hard as it may be, make your sales meeting a distraction-free zone. Have your sales people turn off their cell phones and keep laptops closed. They need to focus for the few minutes you have them and not be thinking about what’s going on elsewhere.
  4. Keep it energetic – One reason to have these meetings is to pump up your sales team and get them motivated for the day ahead. Have some music playing in the background so it sets the tone. Keep it upbeat and try to focus on the positives; this is not the time for beat up sessions.. If there are any issues that need to be addressed, then keep those for 1v1 conversations with individuals.
  5. Encourage participation -Make sure to involve your team so that they’re not sitting and listening to a lecture. Perhaps have one salesperson share with the team a positive experience they had with a shopper or how they were able to be proactive and schedule the week’s meetings in advance. By sharing their successes, they’ll feel motivated and others can learn from their peers. Another option is to have guest speakers come in periodically to inspire your team.
  6. Simulate with your team – We can’t stress this enough. It’s great to know what to say to a shopper but your sales team needs to practice so they’re prepared to handle any buying situation. It only takes five minutes during your sales meeting to drill your team. We equate this to the difference between watching golf on tv versus going out and hitting bucket after bucket. You obviously become a much better golfer with actual practice then by passively watching it on tv. If you put in the work, it’ll pay off.
  7. Recap and outline next steps – At the end of the meeting, make sure that you recap what was discussed and if there were action items, reiterate them so everyone knows what is expected of them for follow up.

By following the structure above you’re setting the standard of what you can expect from your sales team. We’ve even given some more tips in the article How To Be a Proactive Manager. In time your efforts will become ingrained in your culture and will flow more smoothly.

At Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions we help managers learn how to best manage their sales teams. If you want your team to be more effective and sell more cars, contact us and see how we can help.


Tips For Nailing Your Automotive Sales Meetings

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