Check Your Big Ego!

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Check Your Big Ego!

One day I decided to go shooting at a local gun club. As I was shooting, a young woman came in and set up a few lanes down from me. She unloaded all her gear, everything from targets to a tactical belt, and put her target about twice as far away as mine. She began to shoot, and I watched as she shot one ragged hole in the target, as compared to my target with holes all over the place.

After a few minutes of watching her shoot, and being afraid that she was watching me shoot, I decided to just pack up and go. I was so embarrassed. The bottom line is that my ego just couldn’t handle it.

A few days later I talked to some guys at the gun club, and they told me who she was. I found out her name is Jessica Nietzel, and she is a competitive shooter who competes all over the country. She’s the real deal.

Fast forward a few days. I am back at the gun club shooting by myself, and Jessica comes in and sets up next to me. I tell her the story of how embarrassed I was after seeing her shoot last time, and we had a good laugh about it. As we were talking, I asked her about some of the things that I had noticed about her shooting. Next thing I know, she’s giving me a shooting lesson. She’s actually spending the time to fix some things about my shooting and give me pointers. By the time her lesson was over, my shooting had already improved drastically.

The lesson to be learned is to check your ego at the door. Too many of us let our pride and ego get in the way. Seek out the people that are the best at what they do, and let them help you. This applies to whatever you are doing, whether it is shooting, playing golf, or selling cars. Find the experts, ask the experts for help, then check your ego and accept the help. To find out how we can help you sell cars better, faster, and smarter, call (866) 996-4665, or Click here

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