How to Up-Level Your Email Game

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Email has changed the way we do business across all industries. Do you remember how we even communicated before the Internet? Did we actually pick up the phone and talk to one another or have a face to face conversation? While email has transformed the way we operate, it tends to have a lot of drawbacks. Firstly, it’s overused and therefore often ignored. 

Did you know the average person gets 90 emails a day? Think about how many emails you delete before even opening one.  Communicating via text alone is much less effective than when you can add tone and inflection as you do on a phone call or visual cues like you can in video.  As a dealership, when you respond to email leads you want to make sure that they’re being opened and viewed.  

Get Creative

covideoRemember, these are viable leads but you need to be creative and cut through the clutter so that you are heard and that the shopper finds their way into your dealership. In addition to responding quickly to leads, we strongly recommend you utilize video in your email communication to significantly improve effectiveness.

What does that mean to use video in your email?  There are several video email providers out there – some are embedded within your CRM and others are a standalone solution. We personally use and highly recommend Covideo for our video emails because they allow us to brand the interface and provide detailed analytics.  You don’t need any fancy video equipment- you can use your built-in computer or phone camera to record! It’s that easy and once you get the hang of it, a video email takes less than five minutes to produce and send.  

Here are three benefits of using video in email:

  1.     It stands out –  if you open an email and see a moving gif of a video, it’s nearly impossible not to click on it. It’s compelling and we can almost guarantee your competitors aren’t doing this.  Instead, they’re sending an auto responder, a plain text email or not responding at all. By embedding video in your email you’ll position yourself as an innovative dealership that goes the extra mile to personalize the experience for the shopper.
  2.     Puts a personal face to the brand-  what better way to start a relationship with a shopper then by having a personalized message to them?  You will be able to accurately convey your message to the shopper while also allowing them to see who they’d be working with at the dealership.  This is effective even if you have a BDC rep making the video and transitioning it to a sales person at the dealership. If you’re all working from the same playbook, the message is consistent and the shopper will have a pleasant experience with all of your associates.  
  3.     It provides analytics tools – you can see when someone opens your emails and how many times they viewed it.  Once you see they opened it, you have the perfect opportunity to follow up with a phone call. It’s that easy!

We love using Covideos with our prospects and clients and train our dealerships on how to use it. Are you utilizing video in your communications with clients? We’d love to see it.  

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