How to Maximize Your Training Results!

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The Road Map to Maximizing Training Results

The Road Map to Maximizing Training Results


As an automotive sales training company, we at Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions are often asked how to get the maximum results from a training program. To answer that question we’ve put together this infographic and included a more detailed explanation below.


Any time you look at an automotive sales training program you want to be sure it’s a complete solution. In order for training to be complete it must have these key components: education, simulation and accountability with consequence.


The importance of these components model is illustrated by how baseball players get good and stay good at their craft. If you want to become a good baseball player, you can watch baseball on TV all day long but that doesn’t make you a baseball player. That may make you educated in baseball and allow you to understand baseball, but what do baseball teams do? They go to spring training every year. They take batting practice and fielding practice every day. They’re simulating. And it doesn’t matter if you’re the guy who just got called up from AAA or last year’s national league batting champion, you’re taking batting practice every day. And then they’re held accountable in a ton of statistical categories. What’s the consequence? If they can’t play well then they’re off the team. Applying similar discipline and execution to automotive sales training is what will make it effective. If your training is missing any one of these three elements, it’s incomplete.


Once you understand what must be present for an effective training program, you need to have a clear picture of how to train with consistency. To maximize training results, the ideal time to train is 15-20 minutes a day.


As you move through an automotive sales training program like Alan Ram’s in 15-20 minute increments, you’ll want to memorize and internalize what you’ve been taught. The goal is to get good and stay good at what you’re learning, because it’s that important.  Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions focuses specifically on educating on conversion. Converting customers off the phone and Internet to the showroom is critical in today’s car business. The importance of conversion is demonstrated by the number 1.3, the average number of dealerships a customer shops in person before making a buying decision.


That number, 1.3, tells us a lot. It tells us that customers are doing all their research on the phone and online, before they ever set foot in a showroom. It tells us that the car business is now all about conversion. Again, it’s all about the ability to convert from the telephone and Internet to the showroom. So training on the what to say and why to say it to motivate customers through the front door is more critical and necessary than it’s ever been. In today’s business, the difference between making a deal and missing a deal is knowing what to say.


To maximize training results you must now simulate, or practice what you’ve been taught. Practice is key to getting good and staying good. Be sure to role-play and use tools like Firephone, just like baseball teams take batting and fielding practice every day.


You also need to hold yourself and your people accountable. A complete automotive sales training program incorporates accountability with consequences, to ensure that training isn’t merely a suggestion.


Finally, to maximize your results, you must take action.


Executing on what you’ve been taught means dominating inbound calls, mining sold and orphan bases for repeat and referral opportunities, converting business from the Internet and service drive, and leveraging your social media presence to find prospective clients. Taking action is the final step in maximizing your results.


Remember, success in today’s car business can be measured by your ability to convert customers off the telephone and Internet to the showroom. Log in now to get started or call Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions to learn more: 866.996.4665.

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