How To Sell More Cars Over The Christmas Period

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How To Sell More Cars Over The Christmas Period

What car salesman doesn’t want to know how to sell more cars this holiday season? The good news is that the odds are in your favor this time of year and if you play your cards right you’ll be breaking records this holiday season.


In recent years Christmas car sales have been a great opportunity for car dealers. Firstly,  OEMs go out of their way to provide special holiday incentives including cash back and special financing offers on certain models. Secondly, dealers are motivated to unload this year’s inventory and will make it most attractive for buyers – if they know how to communicate effectively to get the shopper in the door!   This together with the increased reliance on cars for transportation makes for the perfect storm this holiday season.  


To help you make the most of selling during this winter, we’ve pulled together our top tips to help you sell more cars at your dealership.


Tip #1 – Leverage each inbound lead

Whether a shopper calls in, sends an internet lead or reaches out through chat you need to be sharp and ready to respond effectively.  Each channel of communication is unique and the way you differentiate yourself can set you apart from the competition.  For example, if a shopper submits an e-lead and gets an auto response how effective do you think that will be? However, if you take 5 minutes to create a video email – boom! You have already gone above and beyond all the other dealerships that they’ve been reaching out to.  Communicating effectively with this shopper and listening to their needs will help you close more car sales.


Tip #2 Create your own opportunities

People aren’t touching tile like they used to anymore, and even less so these days. It’s up to you as a sales person to leverage your database to create proactive opportunities and as a result generate car sales. Now is a great time to call your past clients, wish them well this holiday season and let them know all the great incentives you have at your dealership.  Don’t forget to update their records such as who may be in the market for a car in the household and ask for referrals!! Creating your own business is how you sell more cars as a salesman or saleswoman. 


Tip #3 Stay active on Social Media

Make sure that you’re staying top of mind with your friends, family and past shoppers on social media. Keep in mind there is a right and a wrong way to do this. Blasting your contacts with promos all day long isn’t NOT the way to go. However, now is a great time to have some fun and show your holiday spirit.  Make some lighthearted posts and include some Christmas car sales slogans, incorporate video to show some cool product features, include pictures of the safety precautions you’re taking or doing something as simple as “checking in” using your location will serve as a simple reminder that you’re at the dealership.  

If you’re in the car business and wondering how to sell more cars at the dealership or how to close more car sales we can help.  We work with dealerships in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico and train their teams on how to convert more leads and create more leads to ultimately sell more cars.  Schedule a free demo and learn how we can help your dealership succeed this holiday season and beyond. 

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