The Secret To Your Success

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The Secret To Your Success

What are the characteristics of a 30 car a month salesperson? It’s no secret that there are exponentially more average salespeople than great ones. However, the great salespeople work at the same dealerships as the mediocre ones. Given the same opportunity, why does one person succeed and make a great living, while the other thirty are just getting by? There are several reasons; successful salespeople do the basics well, are very coachable, and work smart.

Salespeople who do the basics well obviously take pride in themselves and their product, including being professional and likable. This may sound simple, but many salespeople struggle to master this. Successful salespeople are also coachable. They know that they can always learn to do things better. Finally, work smart. Top producers generate business. They didn’t come to work to stand around, they always find the most productive thing they can be doing to sell a car. Work smarter, not harder.

Most importantly, successful people have made a choice. Success is a choice that most people will never make. Make that choice today! Alan Ram, President and Founder of Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions, is recognized as the best in the automotive industry at increasing individual, as well as dealership productivity through effective utilization of the telephone, Internet and client base management. He has worked and continues to work with tens of thousands of salespeople, managers, business development and Internet staff from coast to coast as well as internationally. Call us today at (866) 996-4665 for more information on our state of the art interactive training.

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