Social Selling is the Secret Ingredient

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Today’s automotive market is insanely competitive; creating new ways to generate business is a challenge for every dealership. There is one strategy for harvesting new business, however, which has remained severely underutilized in the automotive industry: social selling. The impact of social media in the automotive world has been gargantuan, but very few automotive professionals have really attempted to seize social media’s power. Here are four key reasons why social selling is the secret ingredient:

Social Selling Matches Buyer’s Behavior

Car shoppers today are spending more time online and visiting less dealerships in person than ever before. In fact, 95% of shoppers do research online before they buy, so it makes sense that dealerships need to meet shoppers in this online space to capture their attention and motivate them through the front door. Doing so creates a fierce advantage for a dealership, providing visibility where prospective buyers are already looking and engaging.

The statistics are compelling. 84% of prospective buyers plan to watch automotive videos the next time they shop for a car and on average, vehicle shoppers watch at least 5 automotive videos during their shopping process. A dealership that uploads video to platforms like YouTube and Facebook have the chance to become visible and perhaps even contribute to a prospective buyer’s decision.

Social Selling Builds Relationships

An effective social presence is characterized by visibility and engagement. Building a two way community online allows prospective buyers to begin to know, like, and trust you. The reality is that commerce has always been personal. It has always been about people doing business with other people. Many attempted dealership social media presences are missing the most critical element of relationships—connection. They are not asking questions, encouraging their audience to share their own experiences, or participating in any type of conversation. Social media is the perfect place to really connect with people, and humanize buying and selling in the automotive world.

Your Competition Isn’t Maximizing Social Selling

Prospective buyers have been using social media for years, looking for local dealerships’ Facebook pages, searching YouTube for product comparisons, and asking friends across social platforms for recommendations, but the automotive industry has been extremely slow to respond. This provides a valuable advantage for any dealership willing to engage in social media. Beginning a social selling strategy and sharing posts like reviews, videos, and unique inventory can act as an immediate differentiator between you and all your competition. As the automotive world overall lags behind, participation on social media can make a dealership stand out.

Social Selling is Not Difficult

Social selling execution is fairly simple; it involves engaging on platforms many managers and salespeople are likely already participating on. Creating an effective social media presence can be begin with these individuals pivoting towards more relevant automotive content in place of funny videos or memes they may be sharing presently. This simple content shift ensures dealership personnel will remain top-of-mind with their own connections, and ultimately, when it’s time to purchase a new vehicle, motivate those connections into the dealership.

At the dealership level, creating an effective social media presence is not complicated. Content to share on Facebook can include photos of dealership happenings, video of new product filmed simply off a smartphone, and relevant articles covering industry news.

Today, participation on social platforms is increasing in popularity among all demographics and social media is becoming a more valued resource for prospective automotive buyers. It is up to dealerships and dealership personnel to take action and create a social media presence that will lead to dramatic sales increases.

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Laura Madison
Director of Sales and Training
Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions

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