The Training Continuum

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The Training Continuum from Alan Ram's Proactive Training Solutions

“Pressure is something that you feel when you don’t know what you’re doing” – Peyton Manning

There is so much truth in this quote, yet day after day sales managers and teams feel the pressure because they don’t have an effective strategy or game plan for success.  After all, this lack of planning and structure is what has led to almost 80% turnover amongst sales reps in the dealership.  According to ESI trends, 80% of lost hires cost the average-size dealership close to half a million dollars per year. Do we have your attention?

Dealerships need to find a sustainable training program that brings results, and stick to it. So often we find dealers jumping around from program to program looking for the magic bullet for results. There are many reasons why they change training programs, including boredom, lack of engagement, ineffectiveness of the program, or they expect to just have it sink in and generate results without putting any work into it. Training programs aren’t vanity measures to be put in place because it’s the right thing to do. Training programs should be ingrained into your culture. You’ll still have turnover but when new hires come on, they’ll join in and train on a system that is part of the dealership fabric – one that all levels of management know and use on a daily basis. If you flip flop between programs, all you get is patchwork training that isn’t consistent and isn’t effective.  

“Yeah, my guys know the training. They went through it once, they don’t need to repeat it.” That’s the excuse we hear from managers and we get it, but it’s just not true. In this favorite video of ours, Peyton Manning explains how he has been doing the same drills for years. Why? Because they work. You just need to continue to practice — consistently.  That is what makes these athletes the best in class. That is why they succeed. They don’t sit on a couch watching theoretical videos on the game play in the NFL, nor do they bounce around trying to figure out what training exercises work. They know what works and what makes them effective and they stick to it, consistently. That is also the recipe for a great salesperson.  

When looking for the right training program for your dealership, it’s important to make sure that you have all the necessary elements for success, which include:

  • A game plan for success – most training programs will teach salespeople theoretical strategies, but not provide them with a game plan to succeed. It’s important that any program that you choose provides teams with processes to follow.  
  • Practice, practice practice-  It’s critically important that you are actively simulating with your teams so they’re ready to jump in and handle multiple scenarios that shoppers will present. The alternative is that they practice on your customers and, as they say, you only get one shot, so you don’t want them to mess it up. 
  • Inspect what you expect – Managers need to hold their teams accountable for training so that they know you’re serious. This isn’t negotiable – training is something that they need to do – not to get done but to get good.  When they know you’re checking in on their progress, they’ll either step up to the plate or you’ve just identified who will not be a long term player.  Hint: The sales people who value training are the ones you want on your team!

Do you prefer that your teams start each day with an active game plan in hand, know what to do when leads come in and also how to generate their own business? Or would you prefer that they come in each day feeling the pressure of having to sell but not knowing exactly where to start?  We can help relieve the pressure with an active gameplan so your team not only converts your leads to sales, but also leverages your database to proactively create sales opportunities for your dealership. Schedule a no-obligation demo and see how we can help relieve the pressure for your sales teams with a proactive gameplan.


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