Top 3 Reasons Managers Need Training

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Top 3 Reasons Managers Need Training from Alan Ram's Proactive Training SolutionsAs COVID-29 swept the country, car dealerships reacted quickly. Many of them were forced to make difficult decisions and lay off or furlough their teams. This meant less staff at the dealership and more varied responsibilities for everyone who was still on the showroom floor, which, in many cases, happened to be the management. Instead of managing their sales teams, managers had to step in and handle the sales leads from A to Z. Do you know which ones were most successful? Those managers that had always trained alongside their teams and knew the playbook as well, or if not better, than their sales team.

Yes, part of the job of a sales manager at the dealership must always be forecasting, goal setting and managing their teams, but it doesn’t end there. Dealership management also needs to have a pulse on what is happening within the dealership, including what the team is training on. With this you’ll have more knowledge to make better decisions when a problem arises.

As a manager in the car business do you know what to say to a lead, whether they reach out to you over the phone or digitally, to bring them to the dealership? Yes, you may have been trained on it back in your sales days but how sharp are you now? Managers that dominate during these times are able to pick up and take control of the dealership’s sales efforts without skipping a beat.

Here are three reasons why your managers should be training:

1. Increased buy-in from your team – There is not one salesperson or manager who is so amazing that they have nothing to learn. It sends a powerful message to your sales people when their managers are training together with them. It says that the material is important, and that everyone needs to take it seriously.

2. Training becomes more impactful – How strong is it when you can pull in lessons from the training live on the showroom floor? With the training fresh in your mind you’ll be able to reinforce what they are training on and glean valuable insights from real-world examples. What’s more, you may be able to identify company processes that are out of sync with the training being taught which can be counterproductive to the organization. You will be able to adapt the processes to have the best outcomes from your team.

3. You can inspect what you expect. When you have your pulse on the training you are able to better hold your team accountable. With the content fresh in their mind, managers can improve their knowledge, see how it’s being adopted by the sales team and more swiftly course correct if needed.

Of course all of this aside, managers who trained alongside their team are better equipped to step in as they’ve had to in recent months. Managers who know how to manage activity AND effectively convert business to the showroom are the managers who dominate in today’s business. And these great managers are made, not born.

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