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Your Game Plan to Handling Coronavirus as a Dealership:

The economic impact COVID-19 has already had is undeniable and it can be difficult to know how to approach all of this from a business perspective as a dealership, especially with the future being so uncertain. The bottomline is…the steps you take today will determine your success as a dealership when this normalizes in the future.

Why the Farmer Mentality is Critical for Car Dealerships During Coronavirus:

It can be difficult to know how to pivot your automotive sales process amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. There are 2 types of car sales process: hunting & farming. Which one should you be doing during this time if you want to be able to continue to make sales?

During this Facebook Live training, our Certified Bilingual Trainer, Susan Gaytan, discusses which one you need to implement to continue to convert the maximum amount of prospects.

How Car Dealerships Should Pivot Their Marketing During COVID-19:

What worked for car dealership to get customers in the door before the coronavirus pandemic likely may not work in the midst of it. So with that, how can automotive dealerships pivot their marketing to continue to appeal to prospects?

Join G.A. Bartick and John Paul Strong, President of Strong Automotive Merchandising, as they discuss how COVID-19 is affecting dealerships in different markets, best practices dealerships should use in today’s selling environment, how to change your marketing messaging during this time, and what the rest of 2020 may look like for the automotive industry.

How To Be a Proactive Manager

Being a great automotive sales manager is more than just crunching numbers and setting goals, it’s about keeping your sales team accountable, regularly simulating with them, being a source of motivation, and more. Watch the replay of this Facebook Live Training where our Certified Bilingual Trainer, Susan Gaytan, dives deep into the critical elements all car sales managers need in order to be truly effective.

The Critical Element Sales Managers Are Missing

Let’s be real…many car sales managers were simply the best salespeople on their team who got promoted even though they probably have very little management experience. Because of this, many automotive sales managers are missing this critical element that prevents them from being successful.

How to Attract Local Customers

The challenge many smaller car dealerships face is competing with larger dealerships based in nearby cities. How can you ensures that when a local customer is in the market for a new car that they come to YOUR dealership vs. traveling to a larger dealership that may have more advertising to capture them?

How to Appeal to Your Most Influential Buyers – Women

70-80% of all household purchases are influenced by women and car buying is no exception. Too often, car dealerships don’t focus enough on appealing to the key decision makers — women. In this Facebook Live Training, our Certified Bilingual Trainer, Susan Gaytan, discusses how to proactively appeal to women and bring them to your automotive dealership.

3 Things Dealerships Need to Know About the Changing Leasing Market

A record 4.3 Million Americans who will be turning in leased vehicles this year will be in for sticker shock when they return to the dealership. Are you prepared? Join us and Matt Jones from Edmunds as we discuss the changing leasing landscape.

2020 Automotive Sales Trends

As many of you who have been in the industry for years know, the climate of the automotive sales industry can change quite frequently. In this training, our Certified Bilingual Trainer, Susan Gaytan, discusses the trends we’re seeing coming up in 2020 and how they will impact your dealership and sales processes.

How to Differentiate Your Dealership Using Video with Mike DeLong from Covideo

With more and more customers shopping for cars virtually, how can you ensure you differentiate yourself from the competition? The answer…VIDEO. Who do you think will be more memorable for your customer — you who sends over a personalized video response answering their questions or another salesperson who simply answers them back through an email? YOU.

Mystery Shopping at Automotive Dealership

Is your automotive sales team effective on the phones? How do you know? In this training, we choose a dealership to mystery shop on the phone and share our feedback on how to improve the sales call. Join us as we listen to the call together and share feedback on each part of the call (the good and the bad).

As a manager, knowing how your team handles phone calls and ensuring they’re properly trained is one of the top things you should be doing. 

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Update on COVID-19 at Your Dealership

COVID-19 has impacted pretty much every industry, and the automotive industry is no different. We’re seeing significantly fewer buyers in the showrooms (if your showroom is even open at this point). In this Facebook Live video, our CEO, Shelley Ram-Saban, gives an update on COVID-19 at dealerships and tips on how your automotive dealership can brave the storm and continue to convert prospects into buys during this time.

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