Your Management Trifecta for 2017

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Your Management Trifecta for 2017

By: Alan Ram

While there are many great dealerships in our industry, there are exponentially more mediocre and underperforming ones. After more than 25 years training dealership and management staff, I’ve learned the strongest teams have the best people and processes in place to ensure success. They’ve made a choice to be successful. Here are three things I’ll share with you that you, as a Manager, can help ensure success for yourself and your store in today’s automotive industry:


1) Commit to becoming a great Manager.
Managers set the tone for dealership culture, activity, and ultimately, results. It’s no secret that no dealership is really successful despite poor management.
There’s a lot of focus on activity in salespeople; how do we train them, retain them, and get them to do what we ask? The answer lies an inch away, with the management team. What kind of processes and accountability has management put into place to empower success in their sales team? Managing today is much more than desking deals and closing deals, a truly great manager knows how to actually manage their people, drive traffic and train for results. The best Managers execute an effective training strategy, and they manage a few simple yet highly effective processes.
What do all great football teams have in common? Great coaches. The dealerships that recognize investing in management is the key to success will be who dominate 2017.


2) Turn {some of } your attention away from the showroom.
Let’s think about what you are focused on today and where you’re spending your time. If you are one of three managers on shift, chances are the majority of all of your attention is focused on whatever is happening on the lot and in the showroom. One of you can be heard barking, “Has anyone helped this guy? Are those people waiting on finance? Did anyone tell Jimmy his customers are here?”
You need to, instead, begin to think critically about how many potential opportunities this really represents. Let’s face it; the activity on your showroom is a VERY limited pool of opportunities. The most successful dealers and management teams recognize that there are exponentially more opportunities happening outside the showroom that need to be converted to showroom traffic:

  • Previous sales customers
  • Service customers
  • Social media opportunities
  • Phone-ups
  • Internet leads

Think about that! As Managers, we need to have processes that focus just as much if not more management attention on the opportunities that exist outside the dealership.


3) Make driving traffic everyone’s downtime focus.
Set your dealership up for success by making it clear that standing around and waiting for customers to show up is not a productive use of time. The best dealerships have Salespeople and Managers working together to make things happen versus waiting for them to happen.
Driving traffic goes beyond any BDC; Managers must provide salespeople with a game plan and roadmap for generating their own traffic rather than standing around hoping someone will show up today. That’s the real formula for success. This isn’t simply about requiring a certain amount of outbound calls daily, or mandating daily service drive time; the most successful dealerships give their staff the specific tools to convert this traffic effectively.
Consider what processes you could implement to make this happen. How you could re-work your spiffs or pay plan to encourage driving traffic? Have you provided your salespeople with the specific what to say and why to say it to get customers walking through your front door? These are all critical components to success in 2017.

Great managers are made. If you want to be a great Manager, do what so many others have done and get to one of my Management By Fire events. It’s 2 ½ days of nothing but processes that are going to help you fill up your showroom with customers better, faster and smarter. For more information contact us directly at 480-659-4035 or visit Management By Fire.

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